HOTELeVISION TV is a cutting-edge media system designed to provide hotels with their own in-house TV Channel. This technology has since been implemented for local Cable TV channels, and is also a great solution for hospitals and private communities desiring their own in-house TV Channel.

HOTELeVISION TV is a multi-zoned media system that simultaneously displays a variety of content including dynamic video/audio, weather information, national news and sports headlines. There is a dedicated text scroll area for your property information, and even an interactive zone which allows your guests to interact with your TV Channel. Any of these zones can be customized for your unique usage. Watch the video to get a better understanding of the various media zones and how they work.

Updating your HOTELeVISION TV Channel information and content is very simple . . . and in most cases, updating is done automatically with little to no maintenance on your part. As part of your HOTELeVISION TV Chanel, we provide ongoing technical assistance.

To install a HOTELeVISION TV Channel into your property, we utilize the existing cable TV wiring to insert on the TV Channel of your choice. No additional boxes or special equipment is needed in the guest rooms. We also offer a HIGH DEFINITION option for properties that have TVs capable of playing HD content.

HOTELeVISION is the simple, turnkey solution to offering your guests or community an unmatched amenity, while at the same time, maximizing communication and increasing sales within your property. And with the ability to sell advertising to area restaurants and businesses, HOTELeVISION TV is also an ongoing revenue generator for your property.


A truly affordable turnkey solution.

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