Updating your HOTELeVISION TV system is quick and easy!


HOTELeVISION TV allows you the ability to update information in real-time to your viewers. The content zones are remotely updateable, meaning you don’t have to be at the location of the media system to be able to update it. All you need is an internet connection to be able to update your HOTELeVISION TV Channel. The updating of the system, in most cases, is done automatically via the internet. And, most likely, the only area you’ll be updating is the bottom text scroll. We’ve engineered the system to make updating a very simple process . . . even for the most “technically challenged.” If you want to update a scrolling text message, it’s as easy as logging in, typing in your new message and you are done! It’s really that quick and easy. We will train you on the updating process as part of the HOTELeVISION TV installation.

  • Login securely with your username and password.
  • Click on the message that you’d like to change or update.
  • Type in your new message.
  • Click “Save Changes” Your new message is now updated on your HOTELeVISION TV Channel.

To see the updating process in action, watch the video. From our experience, our HOTELeVISION clients prefer that we handle the updating of the video and graphics zones.

If you’ll be responsible for updating the video and graphics zones, it is also a very simple process, but requires a few extra steps. This will be included as part of your training package when you install HOTELeVISION.